About us

About Us

Synergy Art Fair, established in 2021 in Miami, Florida, is a dynamic platform that celebrates the latest trends in contemporary art. The fair serves as a nexus for both established and emerging artists and galleries, offering a diverse showcase of creative expressions. Synergy Art Fair provides a captivating array of artistic mediums, including paintings, sculptures, photography, multimedia, performances, immersive installations, and video art, contributed by local and international artists.
The main exhibition, hosted in a spacious 9,000-square-foot venue, is a curated collection of art meticulously chosen by the fair’s dedicated curatorial team from a pool of applicants. This selection process ensures that visitors are treated to a thought-provoking and high-quality display of contemporary art.
One distinctive feature of Synergy Art Fair is the unique opportunity it offers to explore the resident artist’s studios. During the fair, attendees gain access to these creative sanctuaries, where they can witness artists at work, engage with their latest creations, and gain insights into the artistic process. This intimate experience allows art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the artist’s world and gain a deeper understanding of their craft.
Synergy Art Fair stands as a vibrant cultural event, bringing together art lovers and creators in an environment that fosters artistic exploration and appreciation. It not only offers a platform for artists to exhibit their work but also provides a setting for visitors to connect with the creative pulse of the contemporary art scene, making it a must-visit destination for anyone passionate about the arts.

Meet our team

Julia Sysalova Curator

Julia is a Vice President at the Institute of Mediterranean Culture and is a respected Member of the AICA (International Association of Art Critics) and Athens-based Art Curator, Critic, and Art Communication Educator, organizing art exhibitions across Europe and the USA.
In 2022, she established the Art Communication Online School, dedicated to guiding artists through the complexities of the art world.

Artem Mirolevich | Art Fair Director

With over 20 years of experience in curating, organising and participating in art shows worldwide. With 120+ exhibits and art events in museums, art fairs and galleries, including participations in Armory Arts Week, New York and Miami Art Basel Week, Fl.
Email: amirolevich@gmail.com

Rachel Lubeck | Arts and Sustainability Advocate, Artist Liaison

Based in West Palm, FL. Creative Director / Founder of The Artist in Residence (AIR) program at American Landmark Apartments. AIR matches professional artists with available quality housing, and co-host unique onsite amenities for rental apartment residents.

Meaghan Kent Curator Art and Culture Center / Hollywood

«I make exhibitions with emerging and established artists. In conjunction with the exhibitions, I create programming for visitors of all ages.

Vas Sloutchevsky | Creative Director, Digital Product Design

Vas Sloutchevsky has been inventing digital experiences since the late 1990s. Vas has co-founded two interface design studios, Firstborn and Freedom + Partners, and designed numerous projects for clients ranging from Madonna and Pearl Jam to Target and Victoria's Secret.

Miriam Kelly Sharaby | Arts Program Coordinator and Liaison | Koosh & Co.

Based in South Florida, chairwoman of the advisory board for art in public places for the city of Dania Beach. Founder of The Foundation for Arts and Youth.

Gladys Diaz | Development Associate, Architect, Mentor in Miami, FL.

Gene Davidov ' Event Coordinator

Helena Abramenko Art Sales

Stan Zemskoff Art Sales

Alexa Mirolevich PR and Advertising Manager

Mike Zikhi Arthood56 Art Studios, Gallery Director

Alisa Shaukerova Graphic designer

Our star featured artist

Tigran Tsitoghdzyan

What are we to make of Tigran Tsitoghdzyan’s “Mirrors” — big, bold portraits, confrontationally large, and black and white, like the negative of a photograph, the colors of life enigmatically erased as though in a melancholy underworld? They are clearly masterpieces, but for all the beauty of the female model peculiarly bleak. However well-realized—empirically precise, insistently descriptive—her appearance, she seems peculiarly unreal. The hands that hide her face, yet let her piercing eyes magically see through them, suggest she is a delusion. Ambiguously transparent and opaque, her hands convey the ambivalence built into the artist’s “handling” of her.

DAMIR KRIVENKO was born in 1970 in the city of St.Petersburg, Russia in the family of artists and art critics and has been trained as a professional artist since childhood. Damir combines traditional mediums, such as oil painting and sculpture with recycled products of human technology, such as computer motherboards or CDs. Krivenko’s works are exhibited around the world and he is a receiver of numerous prestigious art awards and grants. Damir’s art has been exhibited in numerous museums, galleries and art fairs and are in various state and private collections, including Bill Clinton, Pope John Paul II, Emperor of Japan, Presidents of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and many others.

ARTEM MIROLEVICH  was born in the city of Minsk, Belarus and, at the age of 17, moved to Buffalo, USA. Soon after, he was granted a full scholarship and enrolled in the School of Visual Art in New York City and later at Rietvield Art Academy of Amsterdam. New York and Amsterdam’s cultural and architectural landscape shaped Artem’s artistic vision.

As of today, Artem participated in over 100 solo and group exhibitions in museums, galleries and art fairs around the world. In 2019, Mirolevich traveled for the exhibitions in Venice (Italy), followed by a show at Croatian Maritime Museum in Split (Croatia), Kyoto (Japan), Doha (Qatar), and Miami (USA). As of September 2020, Artem has been living in South Florida, as a first winner of American Landmark Artist in Residency program, that provides the artist with living accommodations and an art studio to further his career.
Artem’s high skill for extreme detail and ambitious composition is present in all his works, whether etchings, oils on canvas or multimedia installation. Each piece is a tale of its own, a surrealist tale of otherworldly places, people, unusual settings, where the artist’s imagination is completely set free. Mirolevich’s work is a portal to the bizarre, meta-civilization, where doom and hope co-exist. The artist is not afraid to make political statements on global gover- nance, war and conflict or decadence, thus offering more layers that the eye can examine in his very richly worked compositions.
Our star featured artist

Alexander Ney

ALEXANDER NEY is often described as an “artist’s artist;” a modern master of rare aesthetic vision who is not only popular in the public realm, but one whose works are honored by his peers for their inherent artistic integrity. For over half a century, Ney has continuously created unique works of art in diverse mediums, introducing strikingly original styles and ideas. Ney’s pioneering artistic vision in both painting and sculpture perpetually makes his work stand apart from most contemporaries. Ney’s audiences interpret the intricate designs and intriguing forms in many ways, from either being inspired by ancient primeval techniques to a possible reflection of modern technology’s understandings of living organisms.

The New York Times says, ” ALEXANDER NEY ‘s compelling sculpture in white terra cotta features delicate, lacey, patterned surfaces that recall hand-work traditions.”

I first met ALEXANDER NEY in 1978 at The Russian Tea Room. I was responsible for the window displays there, and also, for a period of many many years, at Tiffany’s.

In the course of my work, I came into contact with a number of well-known and important artists, such as Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg. I have as much admiration for Mr. Ney as for those others. In fact, I think he was in my windows at Tiffany’s more than any other single artist because I truly believe in him and in his art.

I have visited his studio and seen the tremendous quantity and variety of his work, and I have stayed in personal and professional contact with him for these many years because of the great esteem in which I hold him. I consider him an extremely important contemporary artist.

Gene Moore (1910–1998)
Legendary Designer and Vice President, Tiffany & Co. New York City, April 1996

Synergy Art Fair

Opportunity to exhibit your work in well-established venue and market your work to thousands of visitors, including buyers and collectors during the most important art week of the year.